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Strategy as Code


How we 


"Strategy as code"

Strategy as Code

Software is seen as a direct translation of corporate strategy into programmable form. Every line of code reflects strategic decisions that affect customer experience, efficiency, scalability and other business goals.

Core component of digital products

Development of software as a central component of digital products, from prototype to scalable operation. This includes the digitalization and automation of key value creation processes and corporate functions.

Increasing competitiveness

Thanks to its flexibility and scalability, the software makes it possible to react efficiently to market changes and new trends, thereby increasing the company's competitiveness.

Protection of intellectual property

Support in securing entrepreneurial knowledge, such as algorithms and business logic, as intellectual property to improve market positioning.

Customizable technology

Development of software that is specifically tailored to the requirements and needs of the company in order to precisely fulfill strategic goals and operational requirements.

Focus on core competencies

Individual software development that emphasizes core competencies accelerates decision-making processes and increases the efficiency and productivity of the company.

„Software is not just a tool, but the direct implementation of corporate strategy in programmable, executable form. Software development thus becomes an extension of the business strategy. Each line of code represents not only a function, but also a strategic decision: be it in terms of customer experience, efficiency, scalability or other business goals."


Sebastian Hinckel
Founding Partner
Individuality that sets standards


Individual software development is not a luxury, but a necessity for all companies that want to remain competitive in the long term. The line between standard applications and individual software is becoming increasingly blurred - standard products allow a high degree of individualization and customization, while individual software is increasingly based on standardized frameworks and platforms.
For us, there are additional factors - because a software product is more than just the program code. It must be operated securely, regularly updated and further developed - and users need reliable support.
  • From conception to market maturity THE DEVELOPMENT

    Our way of working is characterized by clear standards and proven methods: In order to provide you with efficient and high-quality results, we rely on a standardized development process: From conception to market readiness - our active product management ensures that your solutions are continuously developed and maintained.

  • Safe, sustainable and cost-conscious THE OPERATION

    We support you in setting up secure, sustainable and cost-optimized operations in the cloud or on-premise. Integrating our solutions into existing operating environments is no problem for us. Consistent lifecycle management ensures that your individual software solution also meets the desired quality and security standards in the long term.

  • Technical expertise and user training THE SUPPORT

    Our support does not end with the implementation of the software. We attach great importance to comprehensive technical support, training and thorough product documentation. Through targeted training measures, we ensure that your internal team has the knowledge to use your solution effectively and provide independent support.

What determines the success of a project

How we work

Individual software development is not a luxury, but a necessity for all companies that want to remain competitive in the long term. The line between standard applications and individual software is becoming increasingly blurred - standard products allow a high degree of individualization and customization, while individual software is increasingly based on standardized frameworks and platforms.
  • Investment protection

    Completing projects on budget and on time requires effective time and resource management. Our agile approach, structured control mechanisms and efficient project communication ensure that your investment is protected and a high quality result is guaranteed.

  • Security

    Compliance with established standards and concepts during the development process and the implementation of technical and organizational security measures are crucial. This helps to appropriately counter data protection breaches and security incidents and ensure reliable operation.

  • Documentation

    In addition to the course of the project, the implemented functions, quality assurance protocols and technical documentation, complete documentation also includes compliance documents and information on user training. This is essential to ensure operation and further development and to safeguard knowledge about the software within the company.

  • Sustainability

    Unsere Lösungen sind skalierbar, flexibel erweiterbar und in bestehende Systeme und Anwendungen integrierbar. Wir setzen auf Technologien und Frameworks, die nicht nur den aktuellen Anforderungen gerecht werden, sondern auch zukünftigen Veränderungen im Geschäftsumfeld standhalten.

Agility from planning to operation

The Process

Discovery phase
Every project begins with an analysis of the technical requirements and an understanding of the strategic objectives. The result of this phase includes an initial concept, a roadmap and investment planning.
The next step is to develop the design and the most important functions of the software. At the end of this phase, a proof-of-concept (prototype) or a proof-of-market (minimal product) is created.
Product market phase
In the product-market phase, product management is set up and the software is developed to market maturity. The result of this phase is a fully functional, tested product, ready for market launch.
Go-Live & Operation
The software is now being rolled out in the production environment. When the product enters the market, active lifecycle management is established so that the software is operated securely.
The support phase includes both training and maintenance activities. Technical support is set up and provided. The documentation is now also completed and handed over.
Improvement process
The process of cyclical improvement over the service life of the software begins with user feedback, experience from support and taking new requirements into account.
Successful projects

Success Stories

Service management portal for SIEMENS Real Estate to manage over 130 locations
Application security review of an IoT product for the consumer sector
Secure business data infrastructure and big data analytics for venture capital investments
Supply chain management and ERP solution in the international automotive sector
Applications for international medical services for the B2B and B2C sectors
Development and product management for laser marking systems in the retail sector
Your partner for digital excellence

Who We Are

Pioneer of digital transformation

Our success story begins in the early days of IT and reflects our passion and commitment to the digitalization of companies, start-ups and innovation-driven projects. We are a catalyst for growth, competitiveness and success for our customers.

Team player for your success

We bring outstanding technical and business expertise and experience to the table in order to achieve your strategic goals together with you. We are highly motivated team players - ready to deliver top performance for your success.

Conventional, but unconventional

Our approach may be conventional, but our implementation is unconventional and innovative. We combine proven methods and concepts with creative approaches to create unique solutions that exceed your expectations.

International perspective, local standards

A global perspective and experience in international projects is not only advantageous these days, but essential. At the same time, we guarantee compliance with proven quality standards and the necessary regulatory requirements in Germany and Europe.